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Romney goes to Israel

Please read this…if you want to learn about how the Republican Candidate, Mitt Romney, describes the world today. ..Also, read this article, if you want to learn about how Romney does not think that Obama is strong enough to take on such large international issues. 

“TO HEAR Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, describe the world, Barack Obama’s approach to foreign policy is a failure in two halves. Towards America’s enemies and rivals, the charge goes, Mr Obama has proved weak, naive and apologetic. When dealing with friends and allies, the president is accused of being chilly and unreliable.”



Mortgage Crisis: Millions of Older Americans at Risk of Foreclosure

Please read this…if you are interested in learning how AARP is reporting that million of 50+ American citizens are at risk of losing their home because of the market.

“Since the housing crisis started, more than 1.5 million homeowners age 50 or older have already lost their homes to foreclosure, pushing the foreclosure rate among this group to 2.9% in 2011 from 0.3% in 2007, according to the AARP’s Public Policy Institute. And another 3.5 million have found themselves underwater, owing more on their mortgage than their homes are worth.”

Taxes: The Big Debate

Please read this…if you are interested in learning about the big tax debate. 

“Now, I would not say, as the apoplectic Rush Limbaugh has, that “I think it can now be said, without equivocation—without equivocation—that this man hates this country.” I would say, without equivocation, that Mr Obama is a patriot who sometimes makes demagogic arguments about taxes. In the interests of fairness, let’s go first to the transcript.”

“A Muslim Brother is better than a Mubarak crony”

Please read this…if you are interested in learning about the elections that are happening in Egypt.


“Even now the contest is plagued by uncertainty. As we went to press, the supreme court was due to rule on whether to exclude Mr Shafiq from the run-off because of his role in the old regime. Such a chaotic debut for democracy would tempt ordinary Egyptians to pine for the brutal certitudes of Mr Mubarak’s rule. Better that the vote take place—and that Mr Morsi, the Muslim Brother, become president of the Arab world’s biggest country.”

Barack Obama: The Economy

Please read this…to comprehend what Obama wants to do if he wins in November.


“Mr Obama’s basic strategy in the speech was to cast Mr Romney’s economic vision as a stale rehash of Bush-era Republican policies—tax cuts for the rich, corporate deregulation, war—on which the president laid most of the blame for America’s belated and faltering recovery (without ever mentioning Mr Bush). He placed the remainder of the blame on a “stalemate” in Washington, which he urged voters to break by electing him a second time, though he notably omitted to name the lever with which he might budge the boulder of Republican obstructionism in a second term.” 

Spanish Banking System: Teetering on the edge

Please read this…if you want to understand how big of a disaster “Bankia” is. Now that every Spaniard is a “Bankero” , leaders are worried that because Bankia asked for money now, they are going to want more and more. 

Is it Barack Obama’s Economy?

Please read this…if you are interested in how scholars break down the economy from 2008 rill now, and what role Obama has played during his stay in office.

In my opinion, for what he was given he has done a very good job of trying to tend to both parties needs, but I believe that if he wins in November he will be more aggressive and a lot of work will be able to be accomplished.